G2G - Our Story

Growing up I had a huge unruly afro, I could have been Diana Ross' mini me; that is until I persuaded my mother to take me to get my hair chemically straightened at age 9 (she didn't really want to but the constant begging, pleading and temper tantrums eventually wore her down); and thus began over 10 years of drama between myself and my hair. 

To tell you the truth I hated relaxing my hair. I always ended up leaving the salon with burns on my scalp from where the hair dresser left the relaxer on for too long. Not to mention relaxer always left my hair dry, damaged and uneven. Forget about split ends, relaxer even gave me split middles. I was stuck. Here I was trying to look like the beautiful women on tv with long silky flowing hair but my hair kept breaking off from the chemicals.

When I started to work for a TV station that had a contract that allowed the personalities to get their hair done for free at a 'white salon' I thought I'd scored big time. Unlike the many salon's I'd visited I envisioned going in on time (by appointment), being treated kindly (as opposed to a relative that owed you money), and walking out with shiny, silky hair that flowed as I sashed down the streets..queue the Mariah Carey wind machines.

Sadly my fantasy quickly turned into a nightmare: I asked them if they'd don't black hair before...they reassured me that they had...somewhere during the appointment they also convinced me that I would look amazing with copper highlights...but they had to bleach my hair in order achieve the colour. What's the worst that can happen these are professionals...I thought. So me being a risk taker that I am I decided to take the plunge. That was a big mistake. My hair ended up being totally fried...to make matters worse they blow dried my hair (which compounded the dryness) whatsmore, partway through blow drying process my hair dresser got fed up and called another colleague to help; As they pulled at my hair one on my right side the other on my left it got even more tangled; there I was with two overwhelmed women yanking me from side to side...with the entire staff and other patrons staring at me.  This was a bonafide freakshow.

After that ordeal that's when I knew...something needed to change. I decided two things.

1. I needed to get more educated about my hair type so that I was never at the mercy of any 'so called hair dresser' and

2. I needed to embrace my hair texture rather than trying to fit into someone else' standard of beauty.

From there, I read everything I could on coily and curly hair care. I watched numerous youtube tutorials, read articles and engrossed myself in the topic. I ordered ingredients and started mixing my own combination of conditioners right in my own kitchen. Finally, I had a formula that kept my hair moistured for 48 hours, curls defined and my hair was growing stronger with each application. This is how G2G was born.

Along the way I realised that I didn't have to settle for products that didn't work when I could create my own that did. G2G is for the women who won't settle for good hair because it's got to be gorgeous!

Much Love Crystal-Claire