About us


Looked for love in all of the wrong places? If you said no that's cool, you probably lie about other stuff too. For those of you who are self aware enough to admit that you have; just know you're not alone.

At G2G, we as a team are committed to supporting you on your journey of Self Love, because you can't love others until you love yourself properly.


We exist to deliver the worlds best products and services that ignite the fire of self love in everyone we serve.


Our vision is to empower individuals to reach their full potential so that they can live the good life. As such, we envision a time when every individual has a reminder to love themselves in their homes or on their person.


  • Global brand serving billions of subscribers who are being supported on their journey of self love 1st Jan 2019
  • recognisable brand worldwide
  • Partnerships with Hotels/Restaurants/Banks/Tourism Boards
  • Production company/ad agency/talent agency/children's books/music/movies
  • G2G merchandise available in selected stores
  • Record breaking shopify sales
  • Regular top celebrity clients
  • G2G merchandise featured in magazines/movies/tv shows
  • Regular top celebrity mentions on social media
  • G2G social content goes viral regularly
  • G2GStore.com opens to the public
  • G2G lifestyle brand is born 1st May 2017
  • Founder received idea to rebrand into as an inspirational lifestyle brand as a result of 3 spiritual encounters (I died for you to know you're worth dying for, your pain is tied to your purpose what my mentor said; he sees what's coming and wants to stop you,)
  • Founder gains weight/experiences a year of on and off depression (smiling on the outside and googling non painful ways of suicide when at home)
  • Founder experiences several toxic situations
  • Founder sells out to friends family and acquaintances 
  • Founder gets G2G hair conditioner and moisturiser manufactured in London
  • Founder is happy with first batch of products
  • Founder decides to stop relaxing hair starts making hair products in kitchen