Our Story 2

"Having Natural Hair Should Not Have To Be A Nightmare."

- Founder Crystal-Claire

If you've spent way too much money on products that over promise and under perform, I can relate. If you've ever lost the best part of a day protective styling, only to be frustrated by the results, I can definitely relate.  

And if you have ever nearly stop being on speaking terms with a stylist because they couldn't respect your new hair routine; I have been there too!

Which is why after years of struggling with my natural hair I founded Gorgeous 2 Go, G2G. Our mission is to be the home of easiest and most effective 24/7 protective styling. Our vision is to ensure every G2G Natural is a Gorgeous one. Let's face it the internet is full of so called natural hair gurus and their 1001 steps to maintain natural hair but who has that type of time?! 

Our current range of products includes: Limited edition triple action treatments (that insulate hair in vitamins throughout the day) 100% Silk Sleepers (Silk Pillowcases to protect hair at night)

Our premium natural hair extensions (that mimic your hair type at its healthiest so you look gorgeous through out the day). 

At G2G we are obsessed with quality and we won't rest until every natural experiences a gorgeous natural hair journey. So remember if it's not G2G it's not gorgeous.