Yaki Straight Boosted Bundle
Yaki Straight Boosted Bundle

Yaki Straight Boosted Bundle

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 Finally! Experience the ultimate in protective styling now with our Italian Yaki Straight Boosted Bundle which will blend seamlessly with all straightened curly to kinky hair types. These aren’t your typical Clip-Ins as you can kiss bad hair days goodbye all the while having access to your protected hair underneath.

Here are the top 5 reasons to choose G2G

1. We know a natural hair routine can be stressful already and so we set out to make sure you look your best quickly. Yes, our bundles are much thicker, they come in a luxurious 200g whereas the typical bundle is 80-110g meaning you’ll likely only need 1 to get your Gorgeous. Also, our Boosted bundles offer double the hair at less than double the price. You can kiss bad hair days goodbye as you rock Gorgeous hair daily.
2. Yes, all of our pieces blend seamlessly with your natural hair and come pre layered in a variation of 4 inches in 5 pieces that range in width from 1.5 to 8 inches across.
3. Whilst it’s easy to find stretched lengths of 22inches. Our Boosted bundles are Longer and go up to 26inches stretched letting you experience what it will be like to each your hair goals.
4. All of our Boosted bundles are lace lined double wefted hair for durability and longevity making them stronger and keeping you GORGEOUS longer. They are also 100% human virgin hair that comes from one single donor that means it is not processed or chemically treated in any way. Virgin hair can be curled, straightened and dyed to any colour.
5. Enjoy longer, stronger & thicker hair in seconds!